Dungeon Meshi – Volume 01, Chapter 03

Released 09/01/2015.

DL page

We will try to get out ~1 chapter per week (or a bit faster) until we’re caught up.
As always, you can check out our project status on the sidebar.
Thanks for reading.

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9 Responses to Dungeon Meshi – Volume 01, Chapter 03

  1. White-Fox says:

    Thank you for the chapter.


  2. anon says:

    Thank you so so much for picking this series up!


  3. NN says:

    I wish Senshi was my life coach, Thanks for the chapter!


  4. enokinokinokinokinoki says:

    nice, thanks!


  5. duy says:

    I really love this series so much. So thank you very much !


  6. piyo says:

    thank you so much!!


  7. Dropping by specifically to tell you guys that you are doing God’s work translating this series!


  8. andreas says:

    my sides hurts on pg 11 it must’ve piss out the hell of it being startled like that. thank you for great work!


  9. anon says:



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