Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 15

Here’s chapter 15!


You may have noticed that we changed Marsilla’s name to Marcille. We’re sorry for muddling things up. We’ll go back and change the old chapters and fix other typos in Dungeon Meshi… Soon™.

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11 Responses to Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 15

  1. White-Fox says:

    Thank you for the chapter.


  2. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂


  3. akira says:

    thankss!!!! :3


  4. andreas says:

    that poor party, got wiped out ssoon after they revived


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, loving the work- this has quickly become a favorite manga of mine. It’s a weird combo, but it’s quite appealing, and the characters and art are lovely! 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:

    awesome chapter as usual


  7. Solo says:

    Thanks. Looking forward for the next chapter and the v2 of the previous volumes.
    Out of curiosity, how much doe the volumes or the HQ scans of those cost?


    • Merumeru says:

      I’m reading the hard copies at home – I imported them from Japan via Amazon.co.jp – 670 yen/volume + however much shipping it would cost to get it wherever you are.


  8. MELBOU says:

    I like that manga so much !


  9. Anonymous says:

    “Shut up dammit!”


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