Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 19

‘Tis complete!

DL page

Mediafire seems to be having some issues. The downloads are being flagged as malicious by chrome for some reason, so feel free to use the mega link (hopefully it works), or suggest some better free hosts for us to use in the future. Sorry for the trouble.

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17 Responses to Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 19

  1. Anonymous says:



  2. Solo says:

    I saw enough hentai to know where this might have else ended in.


  3. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂


  4. Percival says:

    Chrome was flagging this as malicious. I don’t think it is, of course, just letting you guys know. Thanks for the release!


  5. warun says:

    Chrome seems to randomly flag manga downloads (and pretty much only manga downloads) as malicious for me from a lot of download sites, though Mega is usually safe from it. It’s pretty simple to recover a “malicious” file from Chrome’s download page (Ctrl-J), though.

    Thank you for the release!


  6. sleepez says:

    I can download normally with mediafire using chrome now. Maybe it’s fixed?


  7. adasdasdsad says:



  8. Dave says:

    Using Firefox with a NoScript Plugin. Your Mediafire Links always get flagged as Cross-Site-Scripting by NoScript. An unsafe refresh allows me to access the links nonetheless. Since I don’t have this problem with any other scanlation downloads, I guess the brackets in the filename could have something to do with that. Maybe there’s something similar going on with Chrome. Just my two cents you are free to ignore.

    Thanks for the great chapter.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Thanks for this chap. But, you only release DM. Golden Kamuy you forget forever Y.Y


  10. White-Fox says:

    Thank you for the chapter.


  11. andreas says:

    thank you, that surprised me when namari got head shot


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