Golden Kamuy collected volumes and v2

We decided to upload collected versions of the first 6 completed volumes of Golden Kamuy.  We figured this would be easier for new readers to download instead of downloading each individual chapter, and it would also give us a chance to go back and fix various mistakes we made.

So basically these chapters are  version 2 (although I can’t promise we fixed absolutely everything since there’s so much to cover!).  If you’ve already got the chapters but want the newest versions then feel free to grab them (Note for any re-downloaders: We didn’t change volume 2 at all, so you can skip downloading that one if you want)!

We’ll try to go back and update the files for each individual chapter too so they’re also up to date, but it might take a little while!  And we’ll also probably do this for our other series too at some point, but we gave priority to GK since there’s so much of it.

EDIT: Removed

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4 Responses to Golden Kamuy collected volumes and v2

  1. Tosh says:

    Will you be doing a volume batch file for Volume 7 and up as well?


  2. Ichido Reichan says:

    You guys are the best, I really admire you for doing this.


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