Golden Kamuy – Chapter 128

It begins!

DL page

NOTE:  For Kuutei Dragons fans, note that the first officially licensed volume (they’re calling the series Drifting Dragons) has been released in English!  It’s only available digitally, but you can see the purchase options here:


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7 Responses to Golden Kamuy – Chapter 128

  1. Skh says:

    Thank you!


  2. Grit says:

    thank you very much!


  3. yamamotokou says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

    By the way, have you guys ever mentioned anything about there being differences from the GK magazine and tankouban chapters? I was flipping through the Japanese volume 11 and was very surprised by the subtle changes made to Ogata’s backstory! A little incentive to get people to buy the volumes when they come out in English.


    • Sorry for the late response! We will probably mention this at some point. We just haven’t decided when yet, because after all the people reading the official Viz versions won’t be able to read the improved volume 11 for over a year. But we may mention it anyway since the raw volume 12 just came out as well. Thanks for asking!


  4. A1 says:

    You guys are great, thank you so much again.

    I really hope none of those editors will fuck this great series up like it happens with a lot of releases this time…



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