Golden Kamuy – Chapter 147


A new chapter!

DL pagemangadex

And here’s a link to the song that was the inspiration for this chapter’s title!


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11 Responses to Golden Kamuy – Chapter 147

  1. natellachibi says:

    *refresh* pops out a picture of sea lion and questionable drawings.
    XDD It gave me a fright!

    Thank you for the chapter.


  2. CleverBunny says:

    lol Asirpa’s reaction on the last page made me cry ;; (I may have been drinking)

    Thank you, as always!


  3. sikarouva.skh says:

    Thank you for the chapter!


  4. tailor31415 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter so quickly!
    Guess Sugimoto is confirmed to be descended from sea lions


  5. a sad frog says:

    bless y’all!!

    also quick question, sorry if ya been asked and answered before – with the release of volume collections, will you be going through and translating the extras/any new changes in pages? (like the addition with ogata’s “story” )

    i mean, y’all’re awesome no matter what you do – the updates make my week


    • I certainly would like to at some point, but with so many other things to do, I’m not sure that we will ever get around to it. Each chapter of a manga takes a lot of time and effort, and re-doing an entire chapter (or volume) isn’t all that appealing to me, especially when we could be spending that time and effort working on the next chapter or something.

      If there’s enough demand for it, then maybe? Sorry if that wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear.


      • a sad frog says:

        nah, it’s just fine, and the explanation is great! i really appreciate all that y’all’re doing right now and am beyond thankful! thanks for replying !!


  6. yussie says:

    Thanks ❤


  7. Ary says:

    Thanks so much you guys, I went on a marathon and I really appreciated all your translation notes. Amazing work!


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