Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 41

Meow she’s gone and done it!

mega  |  mangadex

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10 Responses to Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 41

  1. Panthalassic says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day EH! Thanks for the present!


  2. fucking my valentine day, nice ad


  3. Xical says:

    cat girl get. ty for the new chapter.


  4. Carrie says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, heroes! This is just the treat I was looking forward to opening when I got home! Thanks for all your hard work.


  5. XL says:

    Thanks for the new chapter.


  6. Mauriska says:

    A new crew member! Welcome to monster eating party 😀
    Thank you very much for your translation!! Love, love, love :))


  7. Lube Enthusiast says:

    Thank you for scanlating Dungeon Meshi


  8. Wake says:

    Izutsumi is a good girl


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