Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 42

Enjoy the chapter!

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7 Responses to Dungeon Meshi – Chapter 42

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, great work as always.
    Another perfect chapter from Kui Ryoko.


  2. anony says:

    I seriously thought they were going to eat the lovecraftian horror.


  3. Jornparl says:

    Oh my my my my my. That was fucking amazing. Every chapter of Dungeon Meshi just gets better and better and blows away my expectations (in a good way). (SPOILERS AHEAD) So Marcille wants the Grimoire (book the mad sorcerer has) eh? I’m guessing the book is what allows magic to be drawn from the “alternate dimension” Marcille spoke of in previous chapters. So basically a book for, as Palpatine once said, UNLIMITED POWER. Also, mad sorcerer is finally revealed to be a HE! Neat. Man, questions I have left are: Who is the mad sorcerer, and why can’t they remember or recognize that King Derghal ain’t coming back? What’s with the curse of the dungeon, and how was it established? Did the mad sorcerer really bury the Golden Kingdom? And what for? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!


  4. XL says:

    Thanks for the new chapter.


  5. Swagner says:

    That was great!


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