Hakumei & Mikochi – Chapter 45.1 Omake

While we’re working on H&M, we decided to release the same gender-swap “Reverse Fellows” omake that we did for Dungeon Meshi.  We just called it “chapter 45.1” in order to organize it on mangadex and wherever.  It would actually be the omake for chapter 53, but we haven’t caught up to that chapter yet so we’ll just call it 45.1 for now!  In any case, it’s just a cute single page omake and it’s not related to any specific chapter, so go ahead and enjoy it!

mega| mangadex

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1 Response to Hakumei & Mikochi – Chapter 45.1 Omake

  1. Jornparl says:

    Holy moly lol that first one with realistic looking male Hakumei and Mikochi feels a little cursed lmao. never seen the mangaka draw anything except for the usual cute chibi style in the manga.


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