Feel free to leave any questions, requests, or concerns here.

Q: Can I reuse your translations and retranslate them into [insert language here]?
A: Go ahead. A brief mention of our group name in the credits would be nice, though unnecessary.

Q: Can I join your group?
A: The two-man workflow is very efficient. We are currently not recruiting. If we need any help, we will ask for it.

Q: You guys screwed [            ] up! Can you fix it?
A: Of course! Please leave us a note somewhere and let us know where we screwed up. We’ll try to put out a v2 of stuff some at some point. We’re willing to accommodate most requests, provided it doesn’t end up being a ridiculous amount of work.

Q: I want to give you money! How can I do this?
A: We’re flattered that you liked our scans enough to want to give us money, but we’re doing this as a hobby. Instead, we suggest you buy a copy of the manga (in JP or eventually in whatever language you prefer, if any of our series ever get licensed) and support the author!


88 Responses to Q&A

  1. Vivi says:

    Hey dudes, just wanna say thank you so much for your scans and translations for GK and Dungeon Meshi! Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into it, especially the notes at the end!


  2. :o says:

    i think that chapter 172 of gk might have uploaded out of order? or maybe there’s a page missing- also are the new chapters coming out weekly or every other week still?


    • I just double-checked and the chapter pages were uploaded in normal order and no pages are missing (unless they were missing from the original raw somehow). What makes you think that there was an uploading/page mistake? Is there something strange you noticed?

      And the new chapters are currently coming out weekly. Noda has just taken several breaks lately so the chapters came out every other week in September. He’s back on his normal weekly pace right now, though.


  3. Anonymous says:

    minor spelling mistake in gk vol 174! on page 7 it says hidding instead of hiding thanks for all your work :^)


  4. Jornparl says:

    Sorry this is very likely a dumb question (especially since I’m not sure what translators’ and editors’ work and schedules are like), but are you open for translation requests? I’m guessing the answer is probably no, seeing as for just two people there’s a lot of manga on your hands, but I suppose it’s better asked than continuing to wonder. (The series in mind was Jiken Kisha Totoko!, a short and finished 28 chapter manga written by Kaoru Maruyama and serialized by Harta. My friend who can read Japanese seemed passionate about it and said it was a good series I should consider, until we realized no translations existed.)


    • Jornparl says:

      Also, since I can’t seem to edit I’ll leave a reply: I realized the answer for my request is a double-no since I can’t find raws anywhere for Jiken Kisha Totoko!. Anyhow, my main question was whether or not requests were considered or allowed here anyways. Besides that, keep up the great work! You’re currently my favorite translators out there 🙂


      • No, it’s not a dumb question at all! Unfortunately right now we’re just too swamped with other work to pick up anything else, but I really hope some other group manages to pick it up and translate it so more people can enjoy it! And thanks for the compliment!


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